About Us

Nowadays, the wonderful thing, which we call the “internet”, gives us unlimited knowledge and information at our fingertips.

When it comes to WordPress and blogging, there is also way too much information you can access online.

But, this huge amount of information poses a new problem known as “information overload”.

Suppose that you’re looking for a high-performing wordpress theme for your new blog. Just by googling a term like “best wordpress theme”, you’d find out that there are millions of websites which are trying to convince you to buy their recommended theme.

The majority of these recommendations are not based on their true experience or expertise. They’re just recommending you these products because they want to get a commission if you buy through their links.

In most cases their recommendations would also contradict each other, which would make it way more difficult for you to come to a decision, after all.

Our mission at WPLogger is to help our fellow bloggers and wordpress developers to access the information they can trust.

We’d do our best to provide correct and cutting-edge information on WordPress and blogging which are easy to understand and would benefit both beginners and advanced users.

We’d also do the research and testing for you and would only recommend the products, tools, and strategies we’ve used and are sure would work for you.

Who We Are?

Reza Vali (Founder)

My name is Reza Vali. I’m the founder of WPLogger.

I’ve been working as a full-time blogger and WordPress developer for more than 10 years.
I’ve helped many small and medium-sized businesses to develop, troubleshoot, or optimize the performance of their WordPress-based websites or blogs.

I’ve also created several successful blogs in different niches which have been generating a decent amount of traffic and income.

I founded WPLogger to share my experience and knowledge with my fellow developers and bloggers and help them succeed.